From November, 2019

A Thanksgiving to remember

This story originally appeared in the November/December 2010 issue of from house to HOME magazine. Thanksgiving 2004 found my husband and me with no plans. My son was off with his dad, and all my family were out of town. I decided to make a small Thanksgiving dinner for us. Growing up, Thanksgiving meant going…

A little luck and a lot of thanks

Old habits and superstitions are hard to let go of. Think that’s not true? When did you last search for a piece of real wood to knock on three times (or thrice for you, Dr Marry) when talking about needing some good fortune for an upcoming something or other? That’s what I thought. When I…

Extraordinary Podcast Episode 2: Meet Lester

My longtime friend, godmother to my son and extraordinary princess party planner, Nicole “Lester” Fenstad joins me to talk about our 30-year friendship, that “distinct smell,” and what it’s like to be where we are today: lamination, Lulu and all.

When a “waste of time” becomes a gift in time

My mother recently encouraged me to stop writing about my years living in income-based housing. She noted that I’d likely written enough about that time now and wondered why I kept referencing it. As with nearly all thoughts from my mother, this was more of a kindly command than a suggestion. I countered in a…

Just get(ting) over it

When I was a very young adult, I often boldly, and no doubt loudly, proclaimed that as soon as people figured out what was “wrong with them,” the onus was on them to fix it and move on because they had recognized it. If they still had hangups after that, then it was really their…

I started a podcast!

I have always wanted to have a podcast, so today I started one. The details are in the conversation, so I hope you’ll take a listen and let me know what you think. I’m sure partial to my first guest. Also, how fabulous do my fingernails look????? Thank you, Chelsa Alene Salon.

The perfect cup of tea

As the next Christmas season approached, I started thinking about the Christmas tea. I put out a small ask to the Universe that I see something of Grandma’s when we got there. I wanted to know that her things were being used and loved in this new way, like I had always loved them.