4b. So, what happened? (video)

This post is one of my favorites because I feel like to perfectly sums up how different this experience was for Dr Marry and me, how different it likely is for any user/addict and any significant other. His spiral was tight and made perfect sense in his mind. My spiral was unwieldy and out of control because I didn’t understand the core of it; couldn’t define it. And, to my utter and never ending frustration, couldn’t control it.

I continue to be amazed by Dr Marry’s bravery. People are writing to me to commend me for this, and I really appreciate that. But in actuality, he’s the real hero in this story. He’s the one who dug back into this journey to really find the root of things. He’s the one who has unflinchingly listened to the brutal reality, from my perspective, of his time in a coma in the hospital, of my anger, of my incredible disappointment and fear.

We are all asked to do hard things in life; we aren’t all asked to expose them to the world like this. Dr Marry, know that I don’t take your willingness to do this work with me lightly or for granted. And know that I am so, so proud of you. ❤️


  1. Dayna, just finding your blog now. This is so courageous of you and Mazz to put your story out there. I know it will help so many people. I fondly remember meeting both of you way back in the summer of 2005. I will continue to follow your journey—it is so inspirational!


    • Debbie! I just looked at your stuff this morning and was intending to write when I had a chance to go back and look a little more deeply. Thank you for reading and writing–I can’t wait to see how your journey has gone in all these years!!!

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