4c. So, what happened? (podcast)

Dr Marry and I had a wide ranging conversation this week, based on some of what we talked about in the video post earlier this week. But we also called out some notable people who shared our content and commended our work on social media.

We hope you’ll take a listen and let us know your thoughts on the two big issues we began to tackle. They both get to the root of part of the challenge around words like “addiction” and “victim.”

This post means we are on the back-half of this 27 part journey. If you’ve been with us from February 1, thank you. If you are new to the posts, I hope you’ll go back and read, watch and listen to those leading up to this one. And, as always, feel free to share with anyone in your life who you think could benefit from listening to one couple’s story through addiction and sobriety.

Thanks to ND First Lady Kathryn Burgum for sharing our story.
Thanks for the award Lonna.Co!
Thanks to The Movie Show with Joel and Ryan podcast for the beautiful shoutout!

Main image from our interview with guest host Jim Shaw on KFGO. As a completely unrelated point: notice Dr Marry’s new fleece? His big sister Jane bought it for him at the Midge Ure concert we went to to celebrate Dr Marry’s 50th birthday two weeks ago in Bath, England. Surely one of the greatest night’s of his life, and one of mine because he loved it so, so much.

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