7b. Three years, and I’m still counting my blessings (video)

This week’s conversation is pretty short and sweet, but you will learn a surprising fact about Dr Marry that I bet many of you didn’t know!

This is being posted during the midst of the Covid-19 global pandemic. It’s hard to focus on much else while we all watch and wait, seemingly suspended in midair. Actually, that’s just about exactly how I felt in those weeks while Dr Marry was in the hospital and rehab. The news was hardly ever good, and I was left to watch and wait.

Wait over my husband as he was fighting this internal battle to survive while appearing externally calm in his medically-induced coma. Wait while various doctors told me that if he got out and had one more drink, he might as well just drive himself to a funeral home because that’s where he was headed, and soon. Wait while councilors told me that he had narcissistic personality disorder, that he was a raging liar, that he would never mentally give up being an alcoholic and that the first thing he would do when they released him was go find a drink.

I waited.

And the wait was worth it. The darkness gave way to the most glorious light.

And so we, the world, are waiting for this pandemic, too. Waiting and praying that it somehow passes over quickly and takes few lives. Waiting and hoping that it doesn’t ruin the arts sector, the small business sector, the entrepreneurial sector. Mostly waiting and fervently hoping that those we love, whether far or near, will survive this scary time.

My hope is that this global darkness gives way to the most glorious light of shared community and humanity. If that occurs, then the wait will have been well worth it.


  1. Dayna, I just read your touching story of your husband’s battle with alcoholism and the journey to sobriety. It is very touching to say the least. I am so happy that he is now sober and that you are enjoying life again. God is amazing and I pray His blessings on both of you.


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