9c. Counting our blessings, an epilogue (podcast)

In this, our final podcast and post of this journey, we wrap up this nine-week multi-media experience about Dr Marry’s fall into alcoholism and our shared path back to sobriety.

But mostly, this podcast is about gratitude.

Gratitude for the doctors, nurses and staff of Sanford; the insurance worker at Sanford who eased my mind and the woman on the phone from MN Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The Prairie St John’s staff and residents. Former students, friends and strangers who wrote to lift us up, to share their own journey, to say thank you. Grateful for the friends and colleagues who helped us conceive of this format. Grateful to Emma for the beautiful article in the Forum.

Unbelievable and never ending gratitude for Dr Marry.

These nine weeks have had a profound effect upon us. They have healed us. They have brought us a new level of understanding, about ourselves and each other. And we will be forever grateful for all of it.

And we are joyfully looking ahead to what is next, for both this content and for us as a couple. Life has proven to be far more glorious than either of us could have ever anticipated, and we are filled with gratitude for where we have been and where we are going.

Thank you for taking this journey with us.

Click here to start at the beginning of the journey.


  1. This is going to be a hard time for all of us!! When we have to change our daily routine it get scary!! I found out that our Fri night meeting is going to be on Zoom at 6:30!! If Mazz wants I can get information for him if he wants to join the meeting!! Brent


  2. You have to download Zoom. About 6:25 fri night sign in using 100895527 and click “join meeting “!! Hope to see Mazz there!! Brent


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