e2 podcast: Heather Zinger

Listen to the podcast here.

Meet my friend Heather Zinger. Artist, entrepreneur, healer and joy maker. Heather is the most intrinsically artistic person I know because she pursues her path from a total commitment to artistic integrity. A lot of it I don’t particularly “get,” but I love that she’s so authentic and real. And I think you’ll enjoy that, too.

I’ve known Heather since she made her way to Fargo in 2012. I have learned so much from her because she practices art in very public ways and treats the public as a canvas for art-making.

Us at a dinner in 2013.

Heather is absolutely instrumental for so much of what I am pursuing these days because she created a safe place for me to release some internal judgment that I have carried about myself for decades. And she did it by inviting me to participate in a super basic acting activity: be the thing. She simply asked, “Can you be the slabs of stone?”

And as soon as she asked it, actually, as soon as I decided to just get over myself and try it, I had a transformational and physical release of those slabs of stone that have been sitting on my chest for years. And I took a truly deep, full and live saving breath.

And I have been grateful ever since.

You will get an immediate sense of Heather by listening to our conversation. Her cadence and speech rhythms perfectly match her intense energy and passion, and I love how authentic she is, in our conversation and in her life.

Us at the wedding of a mutual friend. 2015

!!!!!Bonus materials!!!!!

Richard Avedon’s Foundation shares hundreds of his images if you are interested in pursuing his work and art.

Heather works for Prairie Products, LLC, a CBD company started in Fargo.

You can find out more about Martha Beck’s training here.

Watch Theaster Gates’ TED talk. He’s a social activist/social practice artist.

Learn more about Reiki.

Here’s the video of our conversation in case you want to watch our wild gesticulations for over an hour.

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