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6c. Progress (podcast)

This week’s podcast conversation of this week’s blog post goes in to Dr Marry’s lightbulb moment that found him determined to climb out of the hole he had dug by taking the hands that were offered instead of pushing them out of the way. We also discussed what I have since uncovered was really going…

5c. Up and down (podcast)

This week’s podcast is short and sweet because, quite frankly, we’re tired! Hope you’ll take a listen and, please, find us a producer. We need some technological help! Thanks, as always, for listening, for writing and for sharing!

4c. So, what happened? (podcast)

Dr Marry and I had a wide ranging conversation this week, based on some of what we talked about in the video post earlier this week. But we also called out some notable people who shared our content and commended our work on social media. We hope you’ll take a listen and let us know…

3c. Hitting the first bottom (podcast)

It’s time for this week’s podcast. I didn’t particularly like this week. I have had such a swirling mess of emotions surrounding this post. Mostly I have a lingering sense of anger, but it’s not really anger about this particular situation. It’s more that I’m still angry about some parallel events that happened at the…

2c. Our beginning, from my side (podcast)

This is a kind of funny podcast from Bath, England. We’re here to go to Midge Ure’s concert on Saturday to celebrate Dr Marry’s final night of his 49th year. It was his birthday present last year, so we’ve been looking forward to this for almost a full year. “Who’s Midge Ure,” you ask? Only…

1c. The beginning of now (podcast)

Dr Marry and I have been so overwhelmed by all the comments we have received this week–thank you for taking the time to not only read and watch but to write and lift us up or tell us a personal connection you have to this disease. We have felt your support, and we are both…

Extraordinary Podcast Episode 2: Meet Lester

My longtime friend, godmother to my son and extraordinary princess party planner, Nicole “Lester” Fenstad joins me to talk about our 30-year friendship, that “distinct smell,” and what it’s like to be where we are today: lamination, Lulu and all.

I started a podcast!

I have always wanted to have a podcast, so today I started one. The details are in the conversation, so I hope you’ll take a listen and let me know what you think. I’m sure partial to my first guest. Also, how fabulous do my fingernails look????? Thank you, Chelsa Alene Salon.