About me

1976 was a big year for patriotism, being the bicentennial and all.
I was just in it for the costume!

“And tonight, I am sitting in silence with myself; sitting in the tension of knowing there’s a direction I want to go but am afraid to embrace fully. I’m afraid to close the deal because it might not work. And I might miss what I have now. And what if it’s a mistake? And what if I fail?


But what if I’m amazing? What if I soar as high as I know I can because I’ve done it before, and it’s in my DNA to do this, and I’m a movie star who never made it to Hollywood but who lives the secret magical life of a passionate artist inside this midwestern, practical, arts leader in this small city on the great plains of America?


Because that’s really who I am. I am amazing. I have soared and I will soar again. I will close the deals because that’s who I am, and I will do it with generosity and empathy and engagement and great care.” ~excerpt from my altMBA post January 23, 2020

Welcome to this new world I am creating. Extraordinary. Intersecting remarkable and so, so ordinary.

I’m a writer, a public speaker, an artist, an activist, a wife, a mom, a daughter, friend, auntie, sister, mentor, lost soul, gatherer of the forlorn and so much more. I’m passionate, proud, feisty, scared, broken, middle-aged, funny, softhearted and strong as steel.

And I think you might be some or all of those things, too.

A more recent shot. Sadly, it’s not a national anniversary year, so no costume.

So I invite you to join me in this quest for finding our place inside of ourselves and in our world. Is it messy and complicated and hysterical and joyful and terrifying and complex and mind-numbingly dull and breath-takingly glorious? Absolutely. And I want us to explore it all.

Because at the end of the day, we all only get so much time in this life, and I’m here to pursue it to the very best of my ability and to help you pursue your best life, too.

So join me in the silence and in the screaming; in the highs and in the lows. We have a lot to learn from each other, and the clock is ticking. Let’s get quiet…then let’s get loud.