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Appropriate horn tooting

I knew, unconsciously, when I uploaded this that it was garbage. I mean, the only credit I give myself is basically having the good sense to attract and keep someone with an accent.

Just my luck

For one moment, the Earth stopped spinning and everything stood completely still as I darted my eyes out to the gaping-mouthed crowd. Then it started up again, and I turned my full attention to the audience, determined to take control of this preposterous moment…

Just some (more) existential thoughts from this week

On a walk with Dr Marry, I had one of those exploding lightbulb moments where I realized that my entire adult life I have self-sabotaged my own success, my next move. The roadblocks I have encountered have not been accidental: I have absolutely designed and installed them to keep me from pursuing so many things. That infuriates me to think of all I haven’t achieved because I stopped myself.