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The power of the mind

For 12 minutes and 10 seconds, I breathed and let my mind wander to what I most desire. And you know what I saw? I saw myself talking to a sold out crowd of 2,500 people, mostly women but not all. I saw myself wearing a blazer where the sleeves actually were the right length (v. long arms!!!!!) and the cut was just perfect. I saw that my hair looked amazing and my glasses had no smudges on them. And I saw an amazing pair of high heels–I think they were one of my favorite pairs of J. Crew putty colored suede shoes that tie and buckle and have a 3 1/2 inch heel and cutouts along the side and are just the kind of shoes that make you go, “I love those shoes!”

e2 podcast: Tom Schwans

Listen to the podcast here. World, please meet my longtime friend, Tom Schwans. Tom and I went to college for two years together (because he’s two years younger than I am. Isn’t that amazing how math works?) and had really fallen completely out of touch for years and years. Until I had a super fabulous…

Welcome to what is next

We’ll start from failure, but that’s not where we’ll spend much time, because that’s not the interesting part of the story. It’s the pivot, the path forged from that failure that has me intrigued, and I think will intrigue a vast audience. It’s the learning, the joy, the discoveries that come from the failure that is where we’ll ultimately spend the majority of our time.

Reflecting on my past and sharing some important advice

Yesterday, I had the absolute privilege of giving the commencement address at the December graduation ceremony of my first Alma Mater, Minnesota State University Moorhead. When President Anne Blackhurst called me in November to ask if I would be willing to speak, I jumped at the opportunity. This has secretly been on my bucket list…