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How do you get from here to there?

But I had a lightening bolt moment yesterday on my walk. I realized, or it hit me on the head walking past the soybeans on my left and the field filled with big puddles of water on my right, that I want to actually be a “personal systems disrupter.” I want to inspire and motivate people to disrupt their personal systems to find what’s beyond their current reality.

e2 podcast: Tom Schwans

Listen to the podcast here. World, please meet my longtime friend, Tom Schwans. Tom and I went to college for two years together (because he’s two years younger than I am. Isn’t that amazing how math works?) and had really fallen completely out of touch for years and years. Until I had a super fabulous…

I’m launching my new podcast e2 on Saturday!

It’s time to start something new. I mean, surely all this social distancing (if we are privileged and get to stay at/work from home, which I am) is the perfect time to get a little uncomfortable. That is my word for 2020 after all. I’m sending out my first podcast of this new stage, henceforth…